Shields of the wild

Shields of the Wild: If you’re looking for days of old when knights roamed the fields, when warriors were bold and swashbuckling cowboys, then top casino game slot players reckon that you’ll love playing the Medieval-styled online reels of Shields of the Wild. The game is based on a world in which the fairer sex lives in castles, on horseback, and with shields on their backs. There’s also an element of war playing for those who prefer to play war slots, and they have to protect their villages from invaders. The aim of the game is simple: earn as much money as possible. And the good thing is that you don’t really need any special skills or playing techniques in order to get going. You just need to have a good grasp of how to play the slot machine.

This game is all about luck, though luck is not the only consideration that goes into the game as the game is closely modelled on real life tournaments that required players to choose the proper number of bets and place them on the right symbols on the reels. For example, when the first round of betting starts, it’s the player who has chosen the number of shields that must be on the reels; and the same is true for the second, third and fourth rounds of betting. But when it comes to the last round of betting, there is no restriction on the number of shields that could be used for one’s bets.

In addition to the game mechanics, the game offers a number of bonuses to attract players to play medieval slots. For every 100 points that you earn (not the actual cash that you’ll be using for the slot machines, mind you), you can double your winnings. Similarly, for every 100 symbol spots on the reels, you get doubled income. Finally, winning takes quite some time, so if you’re looking for that quick payout, this is definitely not the place for you to go.

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