Chocolates are perhaps the most sought after virtual slot by players from all walks of life. This very addictive virtual slot machine is now available for play in the casinos in Las Vegas and other popular locations throughout the world. Chocolates is one of the hottest casino games right now and is predicted to be a huge hit in its second year of release. Although the exact number of players playing this slot machine is unknown at this time, it is estimated that over 1.5 million individuals have already placed bets on this slot machine.

Chocolates follows the same payout and reel pattern as all other slot games. Starting out on a 4×4 square grid, this virtual slot game begins by having 256 possible winning ways. Over the course of five spins, the player will receive a single wrap or double wrap, or a combination of both. It is a highly volatile free slots game with odds of 96.6%, and a typical top prize of just over $65,000. Some of the bonus features that are included in this game include: double the cash, triple the coins, triple the food, and triple the gifts. All of these bonuses can easily rack up thousands of points in just a few minutes of play.

The Alpine setting on this Chocolates slot machine is rather interesting, especially when comparing it to the more traditional alpine settings found in traditional casino game such as blackjack or roulette. At the same time, Chocolates seems to have its own crowd, which may account for the fact that this particular slot machine is particularly popular among slot players. Despite the presence of a wide array of attractive graphics and sounds, it is still relatively easy to defeat this slot machine. A simple strategy of aiming for the small red coins located around the center of the reel is usually enough to prevent a win on this game. With a price of just under $2, the Chocolates slot machine is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy a good bit of free slot action, and it certainly entices many players to try it out.

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